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Where and what did you study?
I have a bachelor's degree in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University.

Where do you live? 
I was born and raised in Michigan, but recently moved to South Florida.

What are your favorite art supplies?
I love MUJI Erasable Pens in 0.4 and Copic Ciao Markers.


How did you get started?  
I have always loved art and have been making cards since I was little. I started my business on Etsy the summer before going to college. The following four years, I ran my little, traveling sweatshop in and out of my college dorm room in East Lansing, and at my two internships.

How did you choose the cities for your postcards?
My first city postcards were a dedication to places I lived and travelled. I pursued my bachelors degree at Michigan State where I lived for four years in East Lansing. I took my very first solo vacation to Chicago. I did a summer Purchasing internship in Indianapolis with Rolls-Royce after my sophomore year, and a 6-month Lean manufacturing co-op in Tulsa with Kimberly-Clark during my junior year. And finally, I moved to Miami to pursue full-time as a buyer with Beckman Coulter after graduation. The postcards following were a dedication to cities were my friends and family lived/have lived, customer requests, and commissions from retailers :)

Are all your products handmade?
I used to make everything by hand. I used to cut every heart and every envelope out with a pair of scissors! I even had a cardboard template I made out of a shoe box that I used to trace each individual piece. Over time, I started to slowly invest in equipment that would help grow my business and improve the quality of my products. I started to outsource the non-core activities of my business to allocate less of my time making envelopes and more time designing new products. Some products involve more handcrafting than others, but each item in my shop is designed and made will love. 
I introduced printed products in 2015. My printed products all start off as original drawings and illustrations by hand. I then scan my drawings into the computer, digitalize, edit, and print everything in-house. 

Making sustainable choices for my company is extremely important to me. My envelopes are made in the US and contain up to 30% recycled content. The paper used for invitations and postcards contain 30% post-consumer fiber.


You can also reach me via e-mail: michelle@adorationdesign.com 

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